Strengths for Success

Are you ready to make changes to achieve your next level goals?

Are you feeling stuck and not taking the right steps to reach your potential?


Maybe you wake up in the morning already worrying about the day ahead.


Or you find yourself sitting on the sofa feeling guilty that you aren’t being more pro-active in moving yourself towards your next level goals.


If this is you, the first step is to take the Strengths for Success Assessment and understand what’s holding you back.

You’ll discover your unique strengths and become more self-aware so that you can say ‘hello’ to the real you.


You’ll know your ‘Significant 7 Strengths’ to help you enhance your most energising qualities.


And, you’ll discover how to convert your strengths awareness into actions to improve your performance…





How it works:

It’s a 30 minute online strengths review

followed by a 45 minute debrief with me.


At the end:

You’ll have a 12 page report which has Registered Test Status with the UK’s British Psychological Society providing a comprehensive measurement of your unique strengths.

You’ll know what’s getting in your way.

You’ll know how to get unstuck so that you can begin to move towards your next level goals.

The investment is just £149 


The results – can be priceless!

Ready to own your zone of genius?


90 days Strengths for Success


The 1:1 coaching programme designed to help you:

  • focus on yourself (all success starts with you) and your leadership development

  • realise your true potential

  • develop a high level of self-awareness

  • perform at your best

  • know the qualities and strengths that make you unique

  • know how to use these qualities to drive up your productivity, agility, confidence and engagement

  • feel inspired and supported to reach your next level goals

Your 1:1 Strengths for Success Journey:


Step 1:

Set clear Aspirations for your performance and development

We tend to get what we focus on, so for Step 1, we’ll work on uncovering what you want to achieve, what success will look like and why it’s important to you.  We’ll do this first so that you can be fully prepared to start taking action towards your next level goals.


Step 2:

Build Awareness of your strengths

Self-awareness is a rare quality and an incredibly valuable tool.

In this step, we will develop your ability to reflect and see yourself more clearly.  You’ll discover where your strengths, skills and goals combine to produce productive habits that deliver peak performance.  We’ll do this to help build confidence and creativity as well as helping you make better decisions and identify tasks that energise you.


Step 3:

360 Feedback

Previous steps will have given you a solid understanding of your strengths and performance risks. In Step 3, it’s time to reveal the valuable insight as to how others see you.

When you are clear on which strengths other people value in you, it will give you the opportunity to showcase these and develop personally and professionally.

We do this to see how effectively you are using your strengths, managing your performance risks and how you can strengthen your performance so that you can learn how to manage yourself, your work and your life better.


Step 4:

Take Action to optimise your strengths and performance

Taking Action is about using your strengths and building your support network to move closer to your Aspirations covered in Step 1.

It also involves minimising the impact of your performance risks and identifying opportunities to stretch, learn and grow.  We’ll do this to continue developing productive habits so that you can stretch your strengths beyond your comfort zone and activate your full potential.


Step 5:

Strive to be Agile in the way you use your strengths

Step 5 is all about learning how to be more flexible in how you apply your strengths across ever changing situations.  We’ll explore different strength combinations you can use to help you adapt to challenging situations.

We’ll also look at building stronger relationships and adapting to different personalities you work with.  We do this to help you develop your ability to move quickly and perform effectively in any situation.


Step 6:

Ensure Achievement and build momentum for future success

Step 6 is about sticking to your goals and taking stock of what you have achieved.  You’ll reflect on and learn from both successes and setbacks.

We’ll look at how to remove things that are getting in your way and developing things that will help you succeed.  We do this to help build your inner strength, self-belief, resourcefulness and momentum for ever greater levels of success.


The investment is £1,497


or three monthly instalments of £499 


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