I work closely with clients to design and deliver bespoke coaching and training packages which are trackable and measurable using Strengthscope® techniques to accelerate self awareness and drive leadership success.

Adopting a strengths-based approach optimises Leadership and Team Strengths by:

  • Accelerating self-awareness and mindset understanding to drive success

  • Empowers people to find creative ways to overcome weaker areas and other risks to performance

  • Sets off a powerful chain reaction significantly improving engagement and performance

  • Helping attract, recruit, retain energised and engaged employees

  • Unlocking energy and ideas, building a culture of innovation, diversity and inclusion

As a Strengthscope™ Practitioner, I deliver Leadership and Team feedback to deliver:

  • Effectiveness across team habits essential for leadership, teamwork and peak performance

  • Strengths clarity and how these can be used to optimise performance

  • Risk areas to peak performance together with powerful ways to reduce the impact of these

  • Development recommendations to strengthen performance and engagement

  • Flexible, adaptable and dynamic implementation / timescale plan

By connecting with your most pressing problems I can help you find the confidence and pinpoint previously untapped potential for change. By gaining vision clarity and building a pathway to success you will motivate and inspire others to deliver your desired outcomes.

​​I offer the realisation of self sustaining performance improvement, leading to confidence building and better communication. This helps find a better work / life balance, improving relationships in all areas.

The benefits of a more effective and efficient approach are many. With higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction, talent retention and headroom growth naturally improves.

I help people:

  • open their minds
  • think differently
  • define their goals
  • gain clarity as to how to achieve their goals
  • manage their time and priorities – understanding what is important and what is less so
  • have the confidence and motivation to take the steps towards change

I want more for you and I want you to do this consistently.

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Executive, Chester

“Karen enabled me to recognise my own strengths and move forwards with gathering self-confidence and self-reliance, making the most of skills I already have and building on them.”


“I would wholeheartedly recommend Karen to anyone who feels stuck, confused or overwhelmed during a challenging work period.”


“Karen brought a breath of fresh air to my mindset and helped to motivate me in ways that I haven’t been able to achieve for some time. Priceless!!.”


“Karen made things much clearer for me. I am now feeling much happier and confident about working my way to a brighter future.”


“I would encourage anyone to see where Karen’s listening and insight might take you in a focused coaching conversation.”


“Karen’s gentle and supportive approach encouraged me to explore potentially painful issues, and her skilful questioning and reframing encouraged insights to emerge. These insights were, in turn, translated into achievable actions for change. I would highly recommend her as a coach.”


“Karen is a breath of fresh air, she not only helps you to think for yourself, but does it in a very friendly and positive manner.Karen has a wealth of knowledge in this field, bringing her own experiences to the table to help you achieve your real aims and goals. I have found Karen to be very professional and focused in helping me achieve my individual goals and aims.
A true inspiration!!!”


“The sessions helped me resolve a series of issues and provided me with metacognitive tools that will help me self-coach in similar situations in the future.
Karen is fantastic!”




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