If at first you don’t succeed…

Apr 18, 2018

Ok, we all know we’ve got to keep trying BUT if we keep doing what we’ve always done it stands to reason we’ll keep getting the same results.

I often find the greatest lessons for my clients have come from situations that didn’t work out as they thought and the satisfaction of finding alternative solutions is inspirational.

So what can we do differently?

  • be honest and recognise what’s happening – this may well be tough!
  • accept responsibility – even if it’s for just part of the whole issue
  • take time to think about what has gone well – establish what you can keep
  • think about what hasn’t gone so well –  think deeply about alternative ways to do things
  • when you think you’ve thought of everything – what else could you do?
Extended learning…


“Don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped”

– African proverb


  • when did you notice things weren’t working?  
  • how would you do things differently next time?  
  • how will you improve / change your future planning?
  •  what have you learned that will help you grow?

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