Do you look around and think other people are getting ahead of you?


Wonder how to take the next step?


Need help developing a solutions mindset to achieve your next level goals?

Hello, I’m Karen Diffey


My day starts fairly early, taking care of all the animals on the Smallholding I share with my husband in North Wales.


I love spending time outdoors, especially long walks in the hills surrounding my home, travel, yoga and working from home with my office manager… Biscuit the Labrador.


I’m a practical, logical thinker who enjoys working in a well-ordered and methodical way.  Fast-moving and unpredictable situations energise me and I enjoy taking action to make things happen. I love promoting other people’s learning and development as well as taking on new challenges so that I can develop and grow.


I firmly believe that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to through well planned actionable steps. I love the ‘aha’ moments my clients experience when sharing how to do this.


I’m on a mission to help introvert leaders be the best version of themselves. Confident, fulfilled and happy in work and life.



Are you ready to make changes to achieve your next level goals?

I get it.

My journey to become an Accredited Coach Practitioner has involved a huge leap of faith in my own capabilities, motives, creativity and values.

Outwardly, I was confident.  I put on a good show.  Inwardly, I struggled with self-worth.

By owning what I’m already good at, I get to do more of what engages and motivates me, giving me greater confidence to  achieve my goals.

I am passionately committed to building your strengths and leadership competencies so that you own your zone of genius too.

I consistently invest in myself and my professional development because you deserve the best.  Here’s a summary:

MBA (Open University), Accredited Coach Practitioner (Worcester University), Member of the Association for Coaching, Strengthscope® Practitioner and StrengthscopeLeader, Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and Mentor for Business Wales.

Over 15 years senior leadership experience, including 10 years as a Finance and Business Director. I have developed an extensive strategic change knowledge base to challenge existing practice and explore new opportunities.

Clients describe me as intuitive, insightful, calm and a guiding light to clarity.  I have an open, measured approach which will support you as you explore potentially difficult topics.  I am able to bring a rational, pragmatism to bear, whilst demonstrating warmth and empathy.

That doesn’t mean working with me is a soft option.  I’ll hold you to account, challenge your thinking, play devil’s advocate and be the best support you’ve experienced.

I’ll challenge your performance risks in a productive and positive way, to increase your adaptability, enthusiasm, creativity and confidence.

Releasing your limiting beliefs and removing barriers to change, helping you thrive in an ever changing environment.


I’ll hold the mirror up to help you see the leader you want to be.

Would it make sense for us to have a conversation?


If you are ready to make a change, email me karen@ksdcoach.com or book a call.




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