5 Strategies to get UNSTUCK!

Aug 22, 2018

I know how easy it is to get stuck.  A fog descends and I just ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’. It mostly happens when I’m tired, when I’ve been working and pushing myself too hard.

So, this month I’m sharing some of the hints and tips I use to help me move forward again.


Believe in yourself:

I know when I’m working in my comfort zone I’m on auto-pilot. I do familiar things and play it safe. It’s a comfortable place to be because I know what I’m doing, I feel secure, and relaxed. It’s at times like these, I can become complacent and lose my edge.

BUT there comes a time when I know I’ve outstayed my comfort zone welcome!

As Roy T Bennet said “Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.”

To achieve our potential, we have to be prepared for drawbacks and discomfort.  That means stepping out of our cosy, safe, comfort zone!

To help you do this:

? Make a list of your strengths, achievements and positive qualities.

? Keep these close by so you can regularly remind yourself how far you’ve come and that you can achieve so much more.

What if I didn’t care what others thought?

This is a great question to ask yourself when you’re stuck and need to figure out how to move ahead.

It’s easy to put barriers in the way and think ‘I can’t do that because my boss wouldn’t like it’ or ‘I can’t say what I think because it will upset my team’.  Sound familiar?

Take a moment to ask yourself:

? ‘What is thinking this way stopping me from doing?’

? ‘What thoughts are stopping me from achieving my goal?’

? ‘What’s physically stopping me from taking action?’

? ‘What can’t I have because I’m worried about what others think?’

? ‘What if I didn’t care what others thought, now what could I do?


Procrastination isn’t necessarily a bad thing!  It can be a protection mechanism to help you stop and evaluate the situation or maybe you’re completing a repetitive task and just don’t want to do it.

Avoiding addressing whatever is blocking your path is likely to lead to more of the same or possibly make the situation worse.  Giving yourself permission to relax and loosen the reins, can give you the time you need to gain the clarity you seek to move forward.

BUT if you’ve waited patiently and a solution hasn’t come to you, what can you do to get you moving towards your goal?

Firstly, acknowledge what’s happening:

? I’m finding every excuse to delay

? I’m worried about failing

? I’m tired

? I haven’t got time

The list goes on…

Often, inspiration comes from actually doing something and taking action.

Think of something you can do.  It doesn’t matter how small.  Avoid overlooking the small things you can do now because you think they aren’t important or significant.  After a while, the small things add up to help you achieve your goal. Take that small step and get moving again.


If something doesn’t come so easily to us, we can head into a downward spiral.  We want to do something but just can’t work it out – it’s SO frustrating!

It seems everyone else can do it, it appears easy for them and we can start to tell ourselves things that aren’t at all helpful – ‘She’s so much better at her job because she has such good rapport with her team’ ‘It’s hopeless because I get so nervous speaking in public.’

Negative self-talk isn’t at all helpful and it certainly isn’t going to help us move forward.  So, what can we do?

? This is where reframing comes in:

By changing our language, we change our mindset and by doing so our self-talk becomes more positive and productive – ‘I know I can learn to emulate her communication skills’ ‘I met someone recently who can help me with my presentation skills so I don’t have to fear doing it.’

Try reframing and see what changes for you.

Trust your senses:

It’s important to realise when you’re pushing yourself too hard.  Giving yourself permission to take time out to gain clarity about where you’re heading and how you get there will pay back in abundance.

Sometimes, maybe when you’re out walking or when you’re working and just don’t have clarity on an issue, allow yourself some time to think about what you want to achieve… a little time to dream.

? Visualise what your future looks like. Where are you? Who is there? What are you doing?

? How does it feel?  What’s your mood – happy, motivated, engaged?  What’s the temperature – warm / cold?

? What sounds do you hear? Is there lots of conversation, laughing, interesting engagement?

? What does it taste & smell like – Are you sipping Champagne or Cocktail? Is there a delicious smell coming from the kitchen?

You get the idea, the questions you can ask yourself are endless but they have one goal – gaining clarity about what you want to achieve. Having clarity about what the future will look, feel, sound and taste like helps your senses experience what you want to achieve – giving you a goal, something to work towards.

Once you know what you want, you can start to think about the ‘How to get there’. Develop your plan of action!

Share your vision with your colleagues, friends and external sources to gain the support you need to realise your vision.

Believe in your strengths and capabilities.  You’re braver than you know and you can do it!




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