Helping frustrated Leaders trust their own voice by challenging their preconceived ideas to build confidence, motivation and success.

You’re smart, good at what you do and want to move up to the next level.


You value performing at your best.


You want to stretch your skills and knowledge to optimise your potential.



Doing this alone can be draining and challenging




Hi, I’m Karen Diffey


I know how overwhelming it can be not believing what you’re really good at. Revisiting challenging situations and constantly wondering how you could have handled things differently.


As confusing as it may seem, there is a path from where you are now to stepping up to achieve your next level goals and I can show you the way.


As an Accredited Coach Practitioner, I’ve helped professionals like you to trust themselves and their abilities so that they can be better leaders, have greater job satisfaction, improved relationships and progress their career.

Are you ready to make changes to achieve your next level goals?


Strengths for Success


Strengths for Success is my twelve week signature coaching programme to help you fast-track your next level goals.


We’ll replace all the overwhelm and stress with confidence and greater self-awareness so that you can perform at your best.


Your next level goals are just 3 steps away





6 Essential Tips to Motivate Your People

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